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Matter Used to Create Wormholes

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    I'm writing a sci-fi novel ("You don't say?") and I've decided that the only method of interstellar travel that will exist is wormholes. I've debated a warp drive that doesn't reach the speed of light, but I'll save that for another time. Basically, I need to know what properties matter would need to create a wormhole. The idea of the wormhole will be that by shortening the distance between star systems, you can travel interstellarly (real word?) without having to reach the speed of light. I'm new to theoretical physics, but I'm very much fascinated by it.

    Other than how the matter would be used to create the wormhole, I want to know what more basic properties it would have, as in, what would it look like? What would happen if you were to apply force to it? Is there any way it could be contained or manufactured?
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    Since actual science is not going to suit your needs, you should just make up the existence of some form of unobtainium that creates wormholes and spend as little time as possible talking about HOW it works and just make it a given in the story. Readers of SciFic are supposed to give the author one "I'll ignore that this would not actually work in the real world as we know it" and this will be the one for your story.
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