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Max force a pilot can stand

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    Here is a good one
    The question reads
    The max force a pilot can stand is about seven times his weight. What is the minimum radius of curvature that a jet plane's pilot, pulling out of a vertical dive, can tolerate at a speed of 250 m/s ?
    Am I just crazy or is there not enuff info here to come up with a good answer.
    Thanks tumbleweed
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    With training, and wearing an 'anti-g' suit, some pilots can withstand 11 'g' before passing out! (Hey, 7 'g' is good!)

    In the Air Force, they now check applicants inherent genetic ability to withstand 'g' forces before training them up for the aircraft that pull 11 'g'. Only some people can ever cope with such stress.

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    ..er What????
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    The largest g force anyone has voluntarily experienced was close to 50 g's. The persons retinas were detached. fun! :rofl:
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