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Maximum energy transefer in COmpton effect - rutherford

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    In the Rutherford scattering experiment a very thin gold foil target is bombarded with a beam of a particles of known kinetic energy. A detector which can be moved on a circle around the target counts the scattered particles. What was the impact parameter of a 4.57 MeV a particle if it was detected at 52.4 degree angle?

    Im using b= (rmin/2)cot(theta/2) where rmin = Z1Z2e^2/4piEok

    so i have ((2)(79)(1.6*10^-19 c)^2 / (4.57 *10^6 eV)(1.6*10^-9 J/eV) ) * 8.99*10^9 Jm/c ....and got 3.46 *10^-15 is this right so far? ...i got 8.99*10^9 by (1/4piEo) ....thanks
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    DO NOT DOUBLE POST!!:mad:This is a HW problem anyway.

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    my bad figured more exposure i would get quicker response
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