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Mechanical Engineering Major --> Aerospace

The university that I am attending does not have an aerospace program, however we do have mechanical engineering. I was wondering what my concentration in mechanical engineering would be if I wanted to pursue aerospace afterwards. The two concentrations are:

1. Mechanics and Materials Area
(Encompasses force and motion analysis and the design of mechanical devices)

2. Robotics and Controls Area
(Deals with automated manufacturing techniques and the control of motion or processes)

My second question would be, if I get my bachelor's of science in mechanical engineering, would I be able to pursue a master's in aerospace engineering?

Side note: I have not spoken to a school advisor yet because I am still questioning myself whether or not I should pursue this major.


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Re: Mechanical Engineering Major --> Aerospace

You could do either specialization and them move into AeroE later and yes, it is quite easy to move from ME undergrad to AeroE grad.


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Re: Mechanical Engineering Major --> Aerospace

I know a couple people who did Mech E and moved on to Aero for grad work. I also have a prof who did petroleum engineering and later got a PhD in Aero.

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