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Mechanical Engineering personal statement

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    I am very interested in pursuing a career in Mechanical Engineering, and I am in the process of writing my Personal Statement for universities.

    However, I am not sure what would be good to include, I have around 1 month until the deadline for applications, and in that time I would like to do something related which would really boost my application.

    Any ideas what I can do, this would be really helpful to me.

    Thank you :)
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    Experience, education, credentials, qualifications, ambition.
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    Thanks, but I don't know what qualifies as experience and qualifications :/ I'm 17 atm, I don't really have any experience of working in a mechanical engineering placement, though I have some academic qualifications, though they are not related to M.E.

    I was thinking more about what I can do in the next month, I'm reading some books atm about Mechanical Engineering, just need some more ideas lol

    Thank you
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    Anyone? ;/
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    I think with 1 month to go, anything you do now will be a bit worthless for a personal statement. Doing something related might show you have a long-term interest in the field, but at the 11th hour just shows you don't prepare well!

    I used to work in a company which wrote personal statements for prospective college students. The fact that such companies exist is a sign that the personal statement wouldn't/shouldn't/doesn't(?) carry much weight compared to grades.

    Having said that. You don't have to show you're a born-Engineer. Other qualities like perseverance, coping with challenges and failures, interacting with people, etc. are all supposed to be good things to show on a personal statement. Think about what you feel is important to you, so you can write about it with some passion.

    Remember engineers don't just calculate bolt torques. Writing, management skills, making complex non-quantifiable decisions, communicating with a wide range of people, creativity, personal time management and organization skills, etc. are all important.
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    I've found the key to these things is to not be fake. Unrest is quite right, an 11th hour attempt to show a life long love of engineering won't work, it'll probably even be detrimental.

    Also, always write your own personal statemnt, it's painfully obvious at interviews those people who haven't done so. Which interviewers don't like.

    Also 130 quid for bullgarbageting someones statement?? I'm in the wrong job.
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    I'd be looking at talking about any projects you have undertaken in Technology from school as you are still 17. Any group projects you were a part of, talking about your involvment in a team etc. Any practical skills and academics.
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