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well, I've been going to community college for like three years as a part time student and yet I have not received any advice from any of the councillors there. so I was wondering what are the steps that i have to follow to get into medical school and which is better studying in the USA or abroad?
anyone with any suggestion or personal experience please let me know because I feel like I'm wasting time and money and not knowing what to do or where to go ?
have you talked to the counselors, or do they just don't know? Check the websites of med schools you want to go to. Give their admissions people a call and ask them. Find out what their course prerequisites are. Get ready to take the MCAT exam. It would not be unusual to have to take the MCAT 2 or 3 times if you don't score well on previous exams. Talk to friends or classmates, professors, anybody who might now someone who's gone through the process or is going through the process.

as for studying abroad, that depends on if you plan to stay abroad or come back to the US. The US does not accept medical credentials from many countries, so depending on where you go abroad, you could find yourself with a useless medical degree when you come back.

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I am located in a US medical school, so in my completely cool, considered, objective, unbiased opinion, US medical schools are in general superior to any other.

If you want to get into a medical school, you should start doing some extracurricular activities- volunteering at a free clinic is a good one.
thank you all for the help

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