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Medium Voltage Circuit Switching

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    I have attached a picture of a circuit. It is a Hi-Pot applying 4800VAC on a transformer. I would like to control the Hi-Pot and multiplexer by using switches while at the same time protecting the multiplexer from having 4800VAC applied across it. I have been researching for a while and I do not know still what is the best type of switching to use. The switches connected to the Hi-Pot must withstand at least 4800VAC when open or closed, and the switches connected to the muliplexer must be able to withstand at least 600VAC when closed and 4800VAC when open. The current in both situations is negligible. The switches, as shown in the circuit, must be controllabe remotely. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Look up IGBT
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    Don't think an IGBT will do the trick, they are generally not good at reverse blocking - as this is AC and at 4800VAC you need almost 10KV blocking - Since you should not be switching any load with this some basic relays will probably work - you can use 3-4 contacts in series to get the V isolation you need. 4 Contacts rated at 600 VAC will work. You can also add grounding relay of the same type.
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