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Programs MEng or MSc. , but both require thesis?

  1. Feb 9, 2017 #1

    I'm looking online at some master programs at different universities in Canada, and some offer MEng and MSc degrees that both require research and a thesis.

    My question is which is "better" on paper, a MEng or MSc? since in both degrees your going to do research.

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    The letters are largely semantic as different schools will have different labels for what essentially amounts to the same thing. The specifics of what you do in the program and for your research project will matter more.
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    Choppy is corrent. However, all else equal, MSc is better than MEng. Most schools who have MEng do not allow the continuation into a PhD, where as MSc upholds that path. Not that that's what you're looking for, but it's nice to keep options open for the future just in case.
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    Josh is right. In my experience, professors often subconsciously prefer MS to MEng for PhD even if both have a research component.
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    In terms of the materials / specialized skills to be learned , wouldn't MEng be better option since you will be exposed to more course work and actual design projects? or is it on par with the specialized skills if doing MSc ?
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    Yes and no. MEng students typically do more coursework because their research (projects) are slim to none, perhaps because the professors are not as invested. Where I did my masters all MSc students had significantly more actual research that transitioned into publications than MEng students. Also, where I am studying now for my PhD, I notice a similar trend.

    I think research looks better than coursework, and the few engineers I've spoken with in industry prefer to see that over a bunch of classes. These are just my observations and the people I've spoken to, but it's good that you're asking around to get a reliable amount of data to make an informed decision.
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