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Michelangelo's Paint

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    Can someone help me find information about Michelangelo's paint? I know this is a kind of a weird topic but thanks you VERY much. :smile:
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    They actually went into detail about this in the book I just read Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling.

    He special ordered specific colors from specific places, and was very picky about it.

    The book is by Ross King, and was published in 2003. If you can get hold of a copy, just look the word pigment up in the index. It is mentioned on roughly 20 separate pages, and exactly where and how he got specific colors is explained in detail.

    Since the ceiling was a fresco his pigments were merely mixed with water.

    The method of fresco ia also discussed in detail in many places in the book.
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    Yes, this is precisely the kind of thing I am looking for, not just his paints, but the paints for the Sistine Chapel ceiling, how accessible on a worldwide scale they were, and what was in them.

    But where can I find this... I can view up to 5000 words through Amazon.com's "Search Inside" features.
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    The book, as I said, is called Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling, published in 2003, by Ross King.
    Publisher: Penguin Books. You want to access several pages of a chapter called True Colors, which go from page 123-128. Hope that helps.
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    You can search for page numbers, BTW.
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