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Michelson Interferometer

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    Hello Forum
    I have constructing a Michelson Interferometer using sodium light. For viewing the fringes, I have used spectrometer telescope with objective lens of 178mm focal length, 35mm dia and eyepiece 15X. I can see the localized fringes when I view through the objective glass but without eyepiece but I do not see any fringe when I put the eyepiece. I wonder what could be the reason. Is it that the telescope is not of good configuration.

    I would be grateful for your help.
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    I suppose that the output beam is collimated, so the image is at infinite and you can see it. But with the eyepiece, the image is formed at the focal plane, so you just have to put a screen behind the eyepiece.
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    Thanks for your reply. I will try and let you know.
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