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Microsoft Hololens in WIndows 10

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    So we've all dreamed about wearing some Star Trek headset that allows you to view virtual things in 3D that you can manipulate...cool future tech yeah? Not any more...Microsoft appears to be releasing just that with the new Windows 10! Here is a link to the site:


    Feel free to post any thoughts or comments below! Go Microsoft!
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    I think it's the natural progression and I applaud MS for making a push, however the video is a bit of marketing fluff. This technology will take another decade to become useful and prevalent.
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    I have to admit I'm inclined to agree, however I would like to hope the tech is here! None the less exciting tech and an exciting few decades ahead!
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    I don't imagine that the prototype has a stellar battery life as it is doing a lot of computing in order to render, for instance, the minecraft environment. I would imagine it would get a bit hot as well.
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    Yes, Indeed tat would seem so. Although I would think that it would have sorted something out for that. For example, the Oculus Rift uses the Computer's processing power to produce and render it's images. Similarly, I reckon that the Hololens will connect via WiFi or something to a separate computer or Microsoft server to render images etc...before sending back to the lens to recreate.
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    The HoloLens does not require any external computer (or phone). The unit itself includes within the headset an onboard CPU, a GPU, and a (newly invented) Holographic Processing Unit or HPU. No wires. Heat has been engineered to not be an issue (I've worn it).
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    Oh right! It just seems odd as so much processing would have to be done, but if that's the case then brilliant! And also, how so have you worn it? :)
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