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Mooring line for wind turbine model

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    I am construction a floating wind turbine model which is going to be used in a wave tank experiment this fall. Currently I'm looking for a mooring line for this model.

    The line will go from the wind turbin down to the bassin floor, where it will go through a pulley and back up to the surface. Above water it will be connected to a spring system which models the stiffness of the mooring line.

    The mooring line has should have the following characteristics:
    - Approximately linear relationship between force and elongation in the area 0-50 kg tension.
    - Very little or none elongation with time for a given force (low creep?)
    - Be able to be bended of in a pulley of unknown size, angle approximately 100 degrees.
    - Good against corrosion.

    Does anyone have any tips?

    I am currently considering:
    - monofilament steel wire
    - Carbon fiber wire
    - Fishing line

    Best regards
    Anders S
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    Specta fibers might work well.
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    Or maybe a thin wire rope like that sold on fishing tackle shops for leader material.
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