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Motor run as a circuit element?

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    Can you convert simple current in a wire to mechanical energy with a motor? What type of equipment would this require.
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    I'm not sure what you mean - that's what a motor is for.
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    Sorry I was unclear. Is there a particular type of motor that converts current into mechanical energy without using magnetic materials?
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    actually nevermind, let me think it through more thoroughly and decide exactly what i'm looking for.
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    Most electric motors use some magnetic phenomenon to work. Remember that any current through a wire generates a magnetic field, so it's not something easily neglectable. There are motors out there with very good magnetic shielding, however.
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    I think that Neal might be asking if it's possible to build a motor that doesn't include permanant magnets. If so, the answer is yes.
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    Basically to put it more clearly, I want something that I can connect to a current carrying wire that will create traslational motion, like a move a small cart of wheels.
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    Okay, then... I think that you are basically looking for a linear-induction motor. They don't just follow along a wire, though. There are magnets and polarity-switching involved.
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