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Motor starter for conveyor

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    hello guys...

    im now doing motor starter for conveyor..so i decide to use 4 magnetic contactor connected with overload relay each..1 contactor for main supply and i make some looping for other 3 contactor each contactor connected to one conveyor... it is 3 phase and 2 poles overload relay..im having some problem on the on/off switch button..right now if im using push button..so everytime i wanna on the conveyor i have to hold it to make sure its keep running..my problem is my boss want me to use different on/off button which mean 1 button on and 1 button off...so i cant figure out how the connection...plus i add one master switch...how can i make it happen?? i try to google the solution but still cant find any solution...so anyone reading this hope can help me..thank you
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    This is the circuit to use.
    If 120 volt is removed and then reapplied, the conveyor doesn't start running.

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    the motor using wye connection...from what i learnt wye connection have neutral wire...so i have to use neutral wire too? because without the wire the conveyor still moving..
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