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Moving Mesh Problem in COMSOL.

  1. Feb 7, 2013 #1
    I am working over a problem, induction heating of a rod moving inside the furnace with a certain velocity, required to relieve stress from the surface.

    The furnace is stationary, means the coil while the rod is moving inside the coils. So, I have given the boundary condition accordingly with transitional speed to the rod. However, I am unable to understand, the concept of moving mesh and it feature, the significance of using assembly and pairs feature etc.

    All these, I want, to see the result like; the change in thermal profile over the cross section plane at d= 0 ( i.e. From the point it enters into the coil ) while its travel each cm inside the coils till it finally comes out of the coil.

    Please send me some reference, example model to understand this further.

    Ishant Jain
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