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Moving Particle and Different Fields

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Homework Statement

The region of space around a moving proton contains

a. a gravitational field only.

b. a magnetic field only.

c. an electric field only.

d. an electric, magnetic and gravitational field.

e. an electric and magnetic field only.

Homework Equations

(conceptual question) See below.

The Attempt at a Solution

I know that both a magnetic field and an electric field apply to a dynamic particle, but I am unsure of the gravitational field. Does a gravitational field only apply to stationary particles?


Answers and Replies

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The earth is not a particle but it moves, depending on frame. Does it exert/experience a gravitational field?
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Yes, it does.
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Does a proton have mass?
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Yes. Will it also experience a gravitational field?
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You asked if only a stationary mass experiences a g field.
I gave you an example of a moving mass that experiences a g field.
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Therefore, from the example with the earth, the moving proton will feel a gravitational field's effects?
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Yes. remember that the g force is "weak" relative to the other fundamental forces though.