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I have decided to leave slack behind for a while and take a look at gentoo, which I have never tried before. I want to do a stage1 install and I have been reading some of the documentation on the gentoo site, but cannot find any good summary of the process. Can someone please explain it to me or rather provide a link to a site that does explain the process for a Gentoo beginner? Thanks a lot.


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There seem to be three phases:

1. Get your computer booted off of CD, and get networking running.
2. Install a base system on your computer.
3. Download and compile for 3 days.
the compiling doesn't really take that long apart from gnome/kde and openoffice. most apps are compiled in a few minutes at most.
You don't have to compile from source with gentoo, although it is the default option with emerge. If you don't enable architechture specific optimizations, its pretty superfluos anyways. Even if you do, it isn't worth it for the vast majority of applications except for obvious ones like the kernel.

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