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MSc nuclear physics or molecular and cellular biophysics

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    In my university (Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) we have http://www.kuleuven.be/onderwijs/aanbod/opleidingen/E/SC_51017023.htm" with a few options: theoretical, nuclear, solid state, soft matter.

    I always wanted to do nuclear physics (and theoretical, but my math background isn't good enough...). But a while ago there I discovered another master: http://www.kuleuven.be/onderwijs/aanbod/opleidingen/E/SC_50994750.htm".

    Is there anybody here who has done biophysics?
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    I will ask my question a little bit different.

    Can someone tell me what research they're doing or know is being done in biophysics and maybe discuss the relevance?

    I have a few thesistitles and they don't look like they're even physicsrelated...
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    People that I know in the field of biophysics study phamacokinetics - how various drugs move through the body, and where they end up, which has all sorts of pharmaceutical applications. They also study the physical properties of different protiens or other cell structures - which has always seemed a lot like physical chemistry in my opinion.

    You might want to try speaking with some professors in the field at your university. Ask what's currently hot, if they know of any good review articles, and what an MSc thesis in the field might look like.
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