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My class is having a debate and I need help

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    My class is having a debate this Monday. The debate is about "What cereal is the most nutritious" and why. So far I've been researching everything on my own. Unfortunately, when I search wikipedia or any other site that has neat little facts in it, I get distracted and go off on rabbit holes.

    Can anyone give me some references? Web links? Anything? :cry:
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    Also you can try to search Yahoo or Google on "FDA cereal" or similar keywords. An example:

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    While you're searching, I'd also suggest paying close attention to serving sizes. If you look at calories per serving, almost every cereal manufactured is the same within about 10 calories, but if you pay attention to the serving sizes, you'll notice some big differences in how much (or how little) they count as a single serving. You'll want to weight the good nutrients (vitamins, protein, complex carbohydrates) against the bad (simple sugars), and consider things like types of fats and that there's a balance between needing some fat in the diet and having too much fat.

    This sounds like a challenging project, but hopefully the class will learn a lot about making good nutritional choices in the process!
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    thank you~!
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    thank you~! :3
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