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My First Double Slit Experiment

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    Excuse me for patting myself on the back here but I just did my first successful double slit experiment. And it was easy! I poked 2 small holes in aluminum foil just as close as I could and shined my kid’s cheap red laser through them and Viola! I thought I needed razors and prisms and 2 lasers, but no. It took me about 5 minutes to get it right. Now I have to figure out how to get a detector by one of the holes.
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    Try reflecting laser light from a cd or dvd, you will
    get very wide interference pattern, and only see 1 or 2
    maxima. Also, strip the foil carefully off the cd
    and you can shine laser through to get a very
    good diffraction grating. The grooves are very close
    - much better than you can get with a pin.
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    This reminds me, I once read that you could make interference templates with photocopiers and using transparency paper. I imagine that could work with a printer as well.
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    Very Cool! That took about 5 seconds.
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    Is that really something a person can do at home on the cheap? Serious question.
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