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My laptops fan is making a loud noise?

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    does anyone know how i can fix this? it's really annoying and i don't want to have to bring it in seeing as it sounds like the big external fan
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    Blow it out with compressed air? May require laptop disassembly for this to really work, however.
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    Take your laptop apart and clean the fan and heat sink. If your feeling really ambitious, replace the thermal pad with a high quality thermal compound.
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    In my experience, this would happen often with high end gaming laptops and was a common problem when i used to work at a help desk for these kinds of things. The Dell XPS series comes to mind and the Alienware laptops as well. Not really much you can do except what was already mentioned, clean your laptop, if it persists, it could be hardware failure.
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    Its either you leave your laptop on for too long so it gets overheated if not then take your laptop apart and clean the inside but if you are not sure of how to do it then take it to an expert to do it for you if you do not want to risk getting an electric shock or destroying your laptop completely.
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    Usually the ball bearings go out in fans and make them wobble, which causes the noise!

    Unfortunately, replacing the fan is your best bet.

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