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My View On Fysics : Away With Distance

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    The biggest problem in theoretical fysics are the calculation-horrors that come along with working with tensors. These mathematical objects are necessary in order to describe our space-time-manifold, yet they all are necessary because our "world" has to be Lorentzian and flat when viewed at locally. In this flat world we like to measure things.

    If we were to be able to give up the concept of distance then tensors would not anymore be necessary in order to maintain covariance, right ???

    i think that the concept of fysical dualities is the most fundamental off all. Like T-duality shows us in string theory, there is a minimal distance at which we should study the universe, because when looking at even smaller scales the fysical laws and rules would not change anymore. Here distance has been beaten by dualities.

    Have dualities ever been beaten by distance ??? I think not...

    How bout that for a change, hmm???

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    Hi marlon,

    A definition for a point:
    A singleton set p that can be defined only by tautology ('='), where p has no internal parts.

    A definition for an interval (segment):
    A singleton set s that can be defined by tautology ('=') or '<' or '>', where s has no internal parts.

    1. Singleton set http://mathworld.wolfram.com/SingletonSet.html
    2. Tautology (x is itself or x=x).
    3. Non divisible or Urelement (http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Urelement.html).

    Can you please define an Urelement between p and s?
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    Universes with large scale factors are supposed to be equivalent
    to universes with small scale factors under T duality.This means that a universe with
    a larger redshift ,for the same distance, as another universe, should be physically
    the same as the other universe.For this to be correct then dark energy cannot be anything exotic - it must transform under Tsymmetry like other forms of matter- it must be a field of some kind, some kind of radiation, or some kind of baryonic matter.
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    What is fysics?

    Tensors are just linear algebra; what is so horrifying?

    Tensors are not based upon a concept of length.
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    I am just saying that the calculation of tensors is mostly very very elaborate and much work. I am wondering how this calucations can be simplified.

    Just like we are always looking for symmetries in order to make calculations more easy


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