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Homework Help: Natural frequency, damping ratio and steady state amplitude help needed!

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    (1) A mass of 3.0 kg is suspended from a vertical spring and produces a static deflection of 60 mm.
    The system is also subjected to viscous damping of 36 N s/m.

    Calculate the value of the:

    (a) natural frequency
    i. In Hz
    ii. And rad/s

    (b) damping ratio

    (c) and what will be the steady state amplitude of the oscillations produced when the mass is acted on by a periodic force of amplitude 10 N and frequency 1.5 Hz?

    I really don't know how to answer this question, and would appreciate any help if possible.
    Many thanks in advance.
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    Hi CovenK, welcome to physicsforums :) um, usually people are meant to have done some of the working for the problem before asking for help on the forum. What is it you are stuck on? Have you tried any equations? Maybe the best place to start is to look in the textbook for similar physical situations, and look up the physics words which are in the question.
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