Need Help finding an equation for drum sound!

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    Assignment to create and explain the physics behind a musical instrument, I am doing a drum. I need to find a formula that governs how it produces notes, and cant find one (been searching for atleast an hour now with no luck). Any help would be much appreciated!

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  3. A whole hour! Wow!!

    Search some more under headings like "drumhead vibrations", "vibration of a circular membrane," and perhaps "tympani".
  4. It is when its spent looking for an answer for 2 of the required questions and you have 4 hours to finish all 15. Thanks for the tips though.
  5. berkeman

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    Wow. Must be a pretty difficult take-home final. 4 hours for 15 questions. Um, or did you wait until the last minute to start the assignment? Whatever, welcome to the PF anyway.

    Another search term (or look in your text) is "standing wave".
  6. Last moment for a worksheet we had to hand in, need much more detail in a presentation to go with the actual drum. I found one equation last night but don't understand it (in 11th grade, dont learn calaculus until next year). I'll try to find something better with that, thanks!
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