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Homework Help: Need help:How to measure stress on a bridge.

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    I am doing a science project which i have to measure the stress put on the models of 3 different kinds of bridge, and was wondering what the most efficient way to measure the force per square area.

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    We'll need more details. Do you know what the forces are, so you can calculate the stresses, or do you want to directly measure stresses of the member ?

    The best way I know to measure stresses like these is by using a strain gauge and deriving the stress from the strain in the member. Another option, is using a load cell, but that may be more expensive and harder to work with (but I could easily be wrong, and this might be just what you need).

    I suggest you google both options and decide what will work best for you.
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    I need to measure the amount of compression and tension on the surface of a model bridge deck, and im not sure what the model will be made of yet, thank you though ill try that.
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    One pretty simple additional option could be to measure, say, deflection at some point (typically maximum) and use that to calculate the stresses.
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