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Need help locating high power shunt resistor

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    I need to find a shunt resistor (basically a low resistance resistor), that can handle 20-25 W, and is less than 1ohm resistance. Not really sure how to find some.. can anyone give suggestions?
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    The Electrician

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    What is the maximum current you expect to handle?
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    Check ebay. I got one that handles 200 amps and has 0.75 ohms very cheaply.
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    Vishay has a huge variety. I am sure they have something to fit your needs.
    http://www.vishay.com/resistors-discrete/ [Broken]
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    Holy smokes! What were you using it for? Current limit sensing on a giant power supply?
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    Heh, I knew you'd ask :smile: Well, it was for a DC motor pumping dozens of hydraulic lifts in a truck trailer capable of carrying automobiles. The idea was not to exceed the motor's maximum current rating, when the trailer was subjected to heavy loads. The motor was expensive and has blown before. If I remember correctly the peak current reached about 120 amps @ 24 volts. I should say, the shunts resistance was 75 milliohms, not 0.75 ohms.

    But later on, they changed their trailer, dismantled the shunt and gave it back to me. So right now it's sitting in my junk box. I pet it sometimes :rofl:
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