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Need help with a horrible integral Dont get scared

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    Need help with a horrible integral!! Dont get scared

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    I have used the subsitution r=2GM/c2Cosh2(x) and the integral is simplified to:


    Integrating was done in Mathematica but I can't do the simplification needed for the equation to look like the answer.
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    Re: Need help with a horrible integral!! Dont get scared

    The integral of cosh(x)^2 is 2*cosh(x)*sinh(x)/4+x/2. The cosh(x)*sinh(x) is the first term in your answer, yes? The x/2 part is the hard one. You've got r~cosh(x)^2 (I'll ignore the constant factors). So x=arccosh(r^(1/2)). arccosh(a)=ln(a+sqrt(a^2-1)). Doesn't that look like the second term? You can throw away the third term. It's just a constant.
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