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Homework Help: Need help with project on electronics

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    I posted this thread in the Engineering forum, but haven't got any reply back yet. This topic is somewhat science-related, so I guess someone in this forum may give me some helps. Thanks.

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    Try to google nanoelectronics.

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    Thank you ehild :smile:
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    I do not know, but this book might be of some use for you Nanoelectronic Circuits: From Nanoscience to Engineering Design, by Árpád Csurgay.

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    IEEE Spectrum magazine can be a good source. The magazine discusses issues and potential solutions involving microelectronics fairly regularly, among many other topics.

    http://spectrum.ieee.org/" [Broken]

    Also if you wish to become a member of IEEE, I think you get a student discount. (And you'll get a subscription to Spectrum as part of it.)

    http://www.ieee.org/index.html" [Broken]
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    @ehild: Thanks. I'll try looking for the book. It seems that my university's library doesn't have that one :uhh:
    @collinsmark: Thank you :smile:
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