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Need help

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    Hi all..
    I am new here in USA...i have my associate degree from my country in Electronics and communication engineering...
    Right now i am taking classes from community college just core courses...now its time to decide Major but i am confuse, so many people tell me that in engineering u have to do hard work up to 14 hours constantly per day but i can not give that much time because i am married...
    so anyone tell me that this is true that you have to give 14 to 16 hours per day in this course???
    give me your suggestions...
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    It would depend on how many classes you are taking and your learning abilities (i.e. how fast you pick up the concepts). 14 to 16 hours seems really high. Are you counting classroom hours and study/homework time?

    For example if you take a full load (4 courses per semester) then you have about 12 hours per week in the classroom (plus or minus a couple hours), so let say 14 to be safe. That gives you 14 hrs divided by 5 days per week ~3 hrs per day. Then you add in 1 or 2 hours a day per class to do homework and study which gives you 2 hours times 4 courses = 8 hours per day (or 4 if you use 1 hour per course). Hence 8 hours + 3 hours = 11 hours per day net.

    I think I did that right! At any rate, you get the idea.

    Hope that helps.

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    You might want to consider taking a half-load of courses, if study time is going to be an issue. I took a full load (full time student, not married), and I studied an average of 40-60 hours per week outside of class time. There were plenty of folks who studied less than that while taking a full load, but only a few of those got better grades than I did.

    Maybe start out taking a half-load of classes, and adjust that up or down as you get a feel for how your time scheduling is going.
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