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Need helps for my final year project topic

  1. Sep 24, 2014 #1
    I am an electronic and comm. engineering student, I have trouble in choosing my final year project topic.

    At first, I decided to build an passward/face recognition based Android app for wireless door lock/unlock system. However, this idea was banned by my supervisor because of lack of contribution and innovation, since there are already many face-recognition based door lock in the market.

    My interest is to use an app as a remote control to drive some hardware, and I am stuck at choosing a suitable topic according to my interest. Can you provide some ideas to me please?
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    How about a door that keeps attendance for a teacher at school? Or one that monitors for gunshots, automatically closes and initiates a school lockdown or inform other smart doors in the network to also close.
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    Good idea! But I want to involve an interaction between an app and a hardware.
    You triggered me to think of a smart emergency door that it will open automatically when fire is catch and it sends out signals to other smart emergency door in the building to make them all open instantly. But this still does not involve any use of apps, any suggestion?
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    The app could run on an android tablet and use an ioio card to control the hardware.

    In the case of a fire its customary to close all doors to eliminate breezes that can stoke the fire. However the notification to other fire doors and to call 911 would be good.

    Perhaps the tablet could be an android phone instead.

    Check sparkfun.com or adafruit.com for the ioio interfacing card. It comes is a mint tin box.
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