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Need Math Help Quick!

  1. Mar 2, 2006 #1
    Hey! My friend asked me to help him solve this math problem, but I could only get so far to say the x-value is (1,0). Could you please show me how to do the problem? Thanks.

    It is:

    If a quadratci function intercepts the x-axis at (-2,0) and (4,0) and also goes through the point (7,74), what is its equation in transformational form?


    The form for transformational form if you do not know is: a(y+k)=(x+h)^2
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    If I just plug the values in the coordinates we know in the transformational form, I can isolate all 3 unknowns. Or am I missing something?
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    How would you do that? I do not think it is possible.
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    1) ak = (-2+h)^2

    2) ak = (4+h)^2

    1 and 2 combined gives (-2+h)^2 = (4+h)^2, which allows you to find h.

    Now that you know h, you can get summon back 1) or 2) to get an expression of k in terms of a. Rewrite a(y+k)=(x+h)^2 by writing k in terms of a and plug the last coordinate.
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