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Need Neon Spectrum Data

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    I need a list of neon visible wavelengths.

    I wonder if any of you know of any good resources.

    I've tried searching but sometimes I get too many numbers.

    I also need to link each number with the spectrum colour chart, but so far I can't find anything like that.

    cos I don't want just want an image of the spectrum with a scale, I want the numbers. Thank you.

    The only one I've managed to find is this: Neon%20-%20Atomspektrum.jpg

    But the numbers are too blurry
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    like I mentioned earlier, it throws out everything. too much info. i only need the visible ones.
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    You can input a wavelength range.
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    You can also have it output to a text file that you could read into something like Excel. Then you can sort it however you want.
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    I did that too. Still too many. Maybe you can help me narrow it down?

    I just need the wavelengths for these few lines:

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    You can also set the minimum relative intensity so that you just see the brighter lines. For example, if you set the minimum relative intensity to 20,000 (at the bottom), you just get 11 lines. This should be a small enough sample to get you started.
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    thanks bro
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