Need solution to view through glass at near zero angle

  1. Hi,

    I am designing a device which has cameras need to see through a sheet of glass at angle very low, near zero. And at that angle most of light is reflected so it is very hard to see.

    - The surface of the transparent material must be flat and smooth
    - The camera must see outside object at angle smaller than 5 degree
    - Optical devices could be arranged below the transparent surface, e.g mirror, prism, but the main problem is that most light is reflected and doesn't go inside

    I wonder is there any solution for this? I.e some kind of coating to let light go through at low angle? Any help would be appreciate

    Please refer to image below:


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  3. mfb

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    Multiple layers with appropriate refractive index (and thickness, but that makes the thing sensitive to the angle) on top of your material can increase the fraction of light going through.
  4. You want an anti-reflection coating - these work as the previous poster described.

    Something like this:
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