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Network problem

  1. Aug 20, 2004 #1
    I have connected two machins, both runnig Win XP, without a Hub.
    The problem is that they don't see each other.
    Please consider that :
    1. The cable is UTP
    2. The arrange of wires is :
    3. Diagnostic lights on both NICs are on.
    4. As the indicator in windows shows, both of them send data but don't recive.
    5. Ping each of them returns this "requet timed out".
    6. It is the first time I'm trying to build a network .
    Any suggestion, comment, advice will be appreciated.
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    Do you have their IP address set properly? It might be a software, not hardware issue.

    Also, when you unplug the cable, does Windows report a network cable being unplugged?

    - Warren
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    You probably need to enable file and print sharing, if you haven't done so already, and add the file and print sharing service to the network properties.

    In the control panel you should have an icon called network--click it. You should have a popup in fromt of you. This popup should have a file and print sharing button. Click it. Another popup will appear with two checkboxes. Select what you want to share and select OK. Back on the original network propoerties box there should be an add button--click it. A popup will appear with a few options. Find the one that says services and double click it. A new popup with with a few options will appear. One of these options will be file and print sharing--click it. Now that window should close. Click the add button on the right of the popup box still open. This should take you back to the original network properties box. You've added the service and allowed it.

    Next check/change you IP addresses. Say you set computer 1 to and computer Prior to doing the above, if you ping one computer form the other you should get a response. After you've done the above and configured the IP's to your liking both computers should appear in your network group.

    The above has been culled from 1+ old knowledge so it may not be 100% accurate. The gist is you need to allow the service and add the driver for it to your network properties on both machines.
  5. Aug 20, 2004 #4
    Yes both IP addresses are set properly: and
    Yes, when I unplug the cable, Windows report a network cable being unplugged.
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    Does anyone see anything wrong with the order of wires in the sockets ?
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  8. Aug 20, 2004 #7
    Can you ping one computer from the other?
  9. Aug 21, 2004 #8
    NO I can't
  10. Aug 21, 2004 #9
    You know I ran Win ME on both computers and the result was the same, so I think it's not a software problem.
    But about cables,
    1. which type I must use when there is no Hub ? Crossover or straight through ?
    2. ِِDoes the color of wires matter ? I mean is there any difference between the colors, say blue and orange ?
    Thanks alot
  11. Aug 21, 2004 #10


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    You must use a crossover cable when there is no hub.

    The color of the wires is not important, but they are normally standard.

    Are you sure you counted the pins from the correct side of the connector?

    - Warren
  12. Aug 21, 2004 #11
    I will check the pins again, but I'm worry about colors because in the link robphy gave me; for cartain pins is introduced cartain colors. Do you suggest to change the arrange of colors according to the table in the website ?

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