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Neutral wire position - Distribution system

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    looking for standards & guidelines on Neutral Wire for distribution system, especially Neutral Up or Neutral High (neutral on top of the phase conductors), advantages & dis-advantages of it.
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    Re: Neutral line position - Distribution system

    Welcome to the PF.

    Do you mean standards like the National Electric Code (NEC)? What kind of distribution systems are you referring to?
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    what i means is manual & guidelines of utility companies regarding the moutning of distribution neutral wires.
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    jim hardy

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    Old lineman told me:

    Neutral above acts as a lightning rod, helps keep it out of the phases.

    Neutral below allows shorter poles.

    Observe that large transmission lines are usually the former, obviously that helps system reliability. Local distribution at lower voltage is often the latter. I lived in a high lightning part of the country where most neutrals were above.

    old jim
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