Neutron confinement ideas

I am certainly not qualified to really comment on this subject, but I have been playing around with some ideas on how to confine neutrons to the interior of a nuclear reactor. I was wondering if there was a way to capture a emitted neutron from a reaction with a selected isotope that would be able to hold on to it long enough be slowed down with a EM field. the heavier isotope being centrifuged out then emitting it into a neutron trap in a ultra cold state and hopefully being able to hold it long enough to decay into a proton.
Side note for funsies that's definitely sci fi, wouldn't magnetic confinement fusion benefit from something that caused a disproportionate amount of gravity pulling particles to the center of the reactor and together. stimulating the higgs field? What amount's to a black hole or a neutron star in the shape of a ring?
Again all of this is well beyond me.
Neutrons are electrically neutral, so you can't slow them down with an EM field.
But the isotope its bound to isn't. Not even sure if such a element exists with a useful half life and decay type.
the isotope its bound to isn't
You weren't talking about confining isotopes, you were talking about confining neutrons.

In any case, PF is not for personal speculations. Please review the PF rules. I won't even comment about your speculation about fusion confinement.

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