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New Business- HELP! Industrial Equipment and Electrical question

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    I am a new business that has ordered some electrical equipment.
    The first is a packing machine and the plug that the machine is being sent I have attached to this post.
    It is listed as 220v, 3 phase, 50hz but NEMA does not show this to be the same specifications.

    How will I make this work in the US? Should I ask them to use something else? If yes, what?

    I will be leasing a warehouse with high amps but as a non-electrically educated person I do not know how to proceed. I would definitely need an electrician. However, I want to ensure that I know what needs to be done.

    I have a second machine that is a 1000L mixer. They are telling me the specifications for the output is: 3p AC380v 50HZ.
    I asked for a picture of the plug as well. I don't yet have it but I would like to know what I must face once these machines arrive to my warehouse.

    Please can someone give me suggestions as to what to do in this regard?

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    Welcome to the PF.

    Why are you ordering 50Hz machines for use in the US?
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    Thankfully, I inquired with the manufacturer. This is the response:

    Machine 1. The motor of DP1000 will be 230 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz based on the information.
    No plug- direct connection.

    Machine 2. Ok,the voltage you need is 220v,3phase,60hz. What plug should be used for this???

    I am extremely glad I went on another forum and spoke with some electricians who recommended I write to the manufacturer and straighten out the issues with the crazy voltages and amps for the US. I am not educated in this field at all and I rely on public forums of those educated in this field to lend a hand.

    Thanks anyhow.
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    You seriously are putting together an industrial plant with high power elecrical machinery, and are relying on web forums to tell you how to set it up? I hope you at least are planning on getting construction permits for this, and will have the work inspected and approved by your local building department inspectors.

    Your comments are worrisome. This thread is closed as dangerous. You can PM me if this is not the case.
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