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NMOS Transistor

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    I simulate the NMOS in LT Spice.
    And for vGS=0, I observe that the leakage current starts at a certain value then decreases suddenly and then slightly increases with vDS.
    For vGS different than 0 (positive or negative) but smaller than the threshold voltage, I observe that the leakage current starts at 0, then increases slightly with vDS.

    What is happening? In my textbook it does not tell about this. It only tells that iDS = 0. I know they only approximate but where should I look for more information? What is the theory?
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    What happens if you start with high Vds and then sweep down to 0? I'm wondering whether the bias solution is at issue when Vgs and Vds are both zero.
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    If I sweep Vds from 20V to 0V with vGS = 0, then iDS starts at 60pA, then it falls very slowly, then at vDS = 1V or so, it quickly rises to 400pA. (see picture)
    If vGS is not 0 but lower than Vt, then iDS starts at 54 pA, then it falls until vDS = 1 with some slope, then after vDS = 1, it quickly falls to 0 pA or so.

    If vGS is greater than Vt, then iDS starts at the saturation current, then it stays constant, then it falls to 0. This part I understand.

    I would say that I also understand the part where vGS is not 0 but lower than Vt. For a given vGS, the leakage current increases with increasing vDS. It's common sense.
    But for vGS = 0, I do not understand what is happening or where to look.

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    Ok, thanks.
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