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Homework Help: Obtain tension forces Please Help

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    Let me try to draw this out

    --------------------- <-- R2 <30degree
    \ R1<50degree /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ / T2 is acting north along the 30 degree (R2)
    | T1 is acting north along the 50 degree (R1)

    Problem: a 300-N weight is hanging from the ropes R1 and R2. Obtrain the tension forces T1 and T2 acting on the weight.

    I have a test in 2 hours and no clue how to solve this problem. I have figured out the 6 others study ones for the most part but need someone to help do this

    It appears u can draw it doesnt keep it in tact its basically a triangle upside down with a weight hanging from it
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    Those problems are always dealt the same way:

    a) Draw a y and x axis (here the obvious choice is to put the x axis aligned East-West)

    b) Decompose all the forces into their x and y components

    c) Apply [itex] \sum F_x = m a_x [/itex] and [itex] \sum F_y = m a_y [/itex]. In this example, the x and y components of the forces add up to zero.

    d) You have two equations and two unknowns (at most). Solve for what you are looking for.
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