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Ocean Tides, Earth's Rotation, Moon's Orbital Radius, & Global Warming

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    If ocean levels go up enough, will they have an impact on the Earth's rotational speed and the Moon's orbital radius? If so what will the effect be? It seems that all these things are tide to one another.
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    The effect would be too small to be noticed. Any rise in the oceans would be negligible compared to the radius of the Earth itself.
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    Perhaps my questions would seem more meaningful if I rephrased them.

    The Moon recedes from the Earth at a velocity of 38mm/year. How will a change in ocean levels alter this speed?

    The Earth's rotational period increases at a rate of 15 mcs/year. How will a change in ocean level alter this?
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    The Earth's rotation and the Moon's recession are linked. Both are caused by gravitational action which acts on the bodies as a whole. A redistribution of the details on the Earth should not affect them.
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    The Earth looses rotational energy due to friction from the tides. I would reason that changing sea levels would mean changing friction. If the friction changes then there should be a change in the rate at which the Earth looses rotational energy. This should, in turn, affect the recession of the moon.
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