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Oil mechanics universities

  1. Jan 15, 2014 #1
    Hey Folk! I need your help! I am going to study abroad for my master degree, but I cannot find relevant university for my qualification. My qualification is Oil Mechanics (Mechanican engineering of OIL and gas, Oil machinery) and I want to study my master in the European countries, particulary in Germany. Who can help me?
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    Why Germany? Why not somewhere like Western Australia, in the resources capital of the world. We have the North West Australian shelf which is only just being tapped now. Plus there have been some big oil deposits found around here. Oil and Natural Gas see big sectors in Australia and are just getting bigger.

    University of Western Australia and Curtin University both have Oil and Gas masters programs
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    Thank your suggestions, but Germany is not important, I need European countries. Also there are many faculties regarding mechanical enginerring such as Mechatronics and robotics, automation, cars. BUT I NEED ONLY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING REGARDING OIL AND GAS. OIL MECHANICS. It is very urgent!
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    Could it be that you did not search for the correct terminology?

    Here in the US, what you described can be categorized under "Petroleum engineering". In fact, it may also fall under Chemical Engineering if a school as a separate specialization in petroleum engineering. So you may want to do another search using such terminology in Europe.

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    You're extremely unlikely to find such a qualification.

    What you're looking for is just a standard mechanical engineering degree, because that'll be what teaches you most about mechanical engineering in the oil & gas industry.
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