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Homework Help: Online book with examples and exersices?

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    Hi there people, I have been in the physic course of my school, tought I not aprovate it.

    Then I need present a exam of "recuperation", I will like to know if you have a book/resource (online) because I can't buy for the moment and the exam is soon, then I need to see examples :), I think now that I have studied I understand somewhat good some concepts then I guess I not need more "theory" but get hands on examples and exercises, that also mean that a large text will not help much because no time for read it.

    I'm litle rusty at calculus and vectors, but I think I can pass over... the not much problem about that. With me specially what fail is how to solve the problem, that is something like "I understand what you whant, I understand the 'factors(concepts in theory)' in the problem, but dont know how exactly plug them on"... for example, now I'm trying to solve a problem in electric field, is the one that is a semicircle with a +Q in the midle and -Q in the other midle... I know that I have a [tex]d\theta[/tex] and a diferential of the circle is [tex]dl[/tex] and when come to the part of get the relation of [tex]dl = \lambda dQ =[/tex] then I get stuck, I can't "see" the correct relation :), I guess is some like [tex]dl = \lambda rd\theta[/tex] now I must obtain what is [tex]d\theta[/tex]...

    Anyway, I guess you see th point, I understand at rudimentary the concepts (I know what you are asking and what I will answer), but the part of solve the problem isn't right.

    I think what I will like to see examples and problems are about:

    1) Newton's Laws. (tensors, friction,
    2) Work and energy.
    3) A little of circular motion and kinetic.
    4) Electric interactions:
    • coulomb's law
    • electric flow
    • gauss's law and
    • electric potential)
    5) magnetic interactions:
    • Lorentz Force
    • Biot-Savat's Law
    • Ampere's Law

    I hope if you have any feed-back on such a reference, I not need the theory I guess, I need focus more in the problem solving.

    Thanks for your attention.
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    I haven't finded nothing similar, tought some exersices here and there but that dosent help much ;).

    OK, I guess then I will need ask the questions directly here instead.
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