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Homework Help: Optics, diffraction

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    I have two questions here,

    1. The two slits of a double slit each have a width of 0.140 mm and a distance between centers of 0.840 mm,
    (a) What orders are missing?
    (b) What is the approximate intensity of orders m=1 to m=3, relative to the zeroth-order maximum?

    2. Sketch the intensity pattern for seven equally spaced slits having d/b = 3, Label points on the x-axis with the corresponding values of beta and gamma.

    For the first question, doesnt the missing orders depend on the wavelength? I don't have any clue on what equation to use.
    And for the second, I don't have any idea at all.
    Please help me in solving the questions, thanks!
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    Welcome to PF.

    Use the equations that deal with diffraction from slits. Your textbook or class notes should have these.
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