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Optimal Total Current for Parallel Loads

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    Hey .. !
    I hope everyone is doing well.

    I'm working on a project and i have to supply electric power to two lifts. Each lift is operated with 380 V and iMAX of something around 13 A. I've selected a cable ( 16mm ) to provide the electric power from the source to the main breaker. Then, a cable ( 10 mm ) will go from the breaker to each lift.

    My first question is which size should I use for the main breaker? The second question is, what amount of total current should I provide for both lifts? Can I just add the two currents up and end up with a total current of 26 A?

    ~ Any help is so appreciated ~

    MrBrain ..
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    You are asking the wrong kind of questions. You should be asking about local electrical and building codes that specify the legal requirements for wiring, and ask where to find a licensed electrician.
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    I see, so what requirements are to be specified first?

    Actually i'm a trainee engineer. And this is the first task by my supervisor.

    Thanks ~
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