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Our fradgile planet 2

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    can't delete this thread.......

    a drawing that has proved to be nonsense...sorry

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    The distance from sun to Earth does not control the seasons. We are furthest from the sun in summer here in the northern hemisphere. The ellipticity of the Earth's orbit has about 1000 times the effect on the distance from any patch of surface to the sun as the axial tilt does.

    You keep pushing this, indicating you really don't understand what causes the seasons. Others have done a very good job explaining it, but you still don't get it. I suggest you get a good book from the library and study up on what causes the seasons.

    BTW, anything that could noticeably change the Earth's orbit would be much more cataclysmic than any temperature change that would result.

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    Check this for instance:

    http://www.space.com/searchforlife/seti_devore_solstice_021212.html [Broken]

    I was going to add some comments but I see that Njorl beat me to it.
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    Ok....ahhh I see what I am assuming is totally off the planet...

    Thanks guys,
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