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Paddle Wheel Torque Calculations

  1. Aug 19, 2009 #1
    I'm designing a paddle wheel drive house boat and need to do some calculations to see if the parts I have on hand can do the job.

    Paddle wheels will be 6' dia. with 8 paddles by 3' long . Paddles will be 3' long by 10" and will have the tops of the paddles submerged by 2" to 3" when the paddle is vertical.

    I want the mid to high end RPM to be about 56 Rpm. I figure this will give me about 10 Mph with 20% loss from the hull and paddle efficiency loses. Hull is 3 - 25' aluminum pontoons no more than 50% submerged.

    I'll be driving the paddle wheels with 2 Hydraulic motors that will Rpm at 556 with 458 lb-in torque. Probably chain drive reduced 10 to 1. Flow and pressure are not an issue to produce, but I'm wondering if the motors will be up to the task.

    Any help or direction to resources would be appreciated.

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