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Paper: Origin of solar system

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    Today I told my astronomy teacher I would like to write my 5 page paper, that is due Monday, on the origin of the solar system. I am in no way one of the best writers out there and have no clue on how I could write 5 pages about this.
    Hopefully someone here can give me some helpfull input on reaching 5 pages, or a possible outline of ideas.

    -Worried Student
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    over this weekend? have you got textbooks?
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    Prepare how you will develope your story about this momentus event. Your first page (like the first stage of developement of the system) should consider the background of the materials that make up our solar system (remember to include the original star that elploded that produced the elements above H and He. Describe how the super-nova close by produced the elements above Fe. show how the area we are in must have been in a nebula of some kind. use photos and descriptions from the Star Nurseries work done by the HST. PAGE 1 done!

    Page 2 should describe how the dense cloud of dust formed the star and planets that we have (but be careful to include information about where the planets were created AS WELL AS where they ended up. Explain aglomeration theories and planetary building. This is PAGE 2.

    Page 3 should be a carry on of the previous work and explanations about individual planetary foramtion as well as moon formation (or capture in some cases). Explain or describe the distances of the planets from the son and what that relationship might mean. Page 3 done.

    Page 4 Talk about the other items in the solar system that do not fit into clean nice catagories (asteroid belts, Keiper belt Objects, the Oort Cloud). Explain impactors and how they continue to change and develope the system. Descibe where the impactors come from and how they are created. Use the Shoemaker-Levi 9 episode as an example. Page 4 done.

    Page 5 will conclude what you have written. Explain how you interpret these events and how you feel they will effect the system in the future. Give several possible scenarios of what may happen to the system as our sun ages. Give your conclusions and give props to those who have helped you so your teacher recognizes you are smart enough to ask for help when you need it. :-) good luck, BAT
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