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Homework Help: Paralles buses in PC

  1. Nov 14, 2008 #1

    I have a project to do it in my final year, the project is to develope a program to drive motors in a CNC machine, the problem is this CNC machine has it's own card (hardware&software) to be installed in a PC bus to comunacte with the CNC machine but this card is missing and the company which was making this type of CNC machine will no longare producing it, now I want again to communicate with CNC machine from the parallel bus inside the PC is it possible, Iam not sure.

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    Maybe, what model cnc is it?
    If it is fanuc or a jema standard machine I might be able to help you.
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    Thanks for your reply, the CNC machine which Iam using it in project is a small CNC machine (Feedback 926) with 3 stepper motor.
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    I haven't heard of Feedback. But if you are allowed to isolate the motors from the
    controller you can use any off the shelf controller to drive them. There are used
    logic controllers available (cheap and easy). Or, you could write your own program to control them with the parallel port (cheaper but not so easy).

    Google it. There are many options.
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