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Homework Help: PDE's for time and space

  1. May 14, 2010 #1

    My question of how to solve two PDEs in time and space is the following:
    1) partial Wliq / partial t + partial Wliq / partialZ = C1 * C2 (Wice-C3*Wliq)

    With initial Conditions: Wliq(0,Zo)=A; W= C4*Wliq(t,Z)+C5*Wice(t,Z)+C6*A

    2) partial Wice / partial t =C1*(1-C2)*(C3*Wliq-Wice)

    Wice(0,Z)=A; Wice= Wice(t,Z)

    I am trying to use the Laplace transform so I can restrain the solution to space only. I haven't been able to get past the transform due to the complexity and it makes me think that this method may not be the most practical.

    Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks

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    I've realized my problem. Thanks looking.

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