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Perfboard designer software

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    Hello All,

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any freeware software programs for doing stripboard/perfboard layouts. For the time being, I've been sticking with breadboards (which work great), but I'm ready to make circuits that are more robust, compact, and permanent. Any suggestions?

    Jason O
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    Do you mean PCB layouts? Or some tool to help you document how you are going to hand-wire ICs and components that you are soldering onto 0.100" prototype boards with plated-through holes?

    For PCB layouts, there are some PCB fab companies that offer free software to do simple layouts that they will fab in small numbers for you for a reasonable cost. For 0.100" perfboard layouts, I usually just do a floorplan by hand, and use the schematic for documenting the interconnects. Highlight each connection on the schematic as you make each connection, and you'll be okay staying organized.
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    Yeah I was referring specifically to the perfboard. Thanks for the tip.
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